Kitchen Files #1 Crunch and Sip

Spend a few extra minutes on a Monday morning – or Sunday night if you’re more organised than us – cutting up all the veg for the week and store in an airtight container in the fridge. This makes things easier during the week: instead of pulling all the individual bits out of the fridge every morning, you just grab and put away one box, plus you’ll save space and reduce the amount of cutting and cleaning each day – leaving you time to actually drink your tea/coffee before it goes cold! If you want to get your kids packing their own lunchbox, this improves your chances of getting the job done and without losing digits in the process. Everyone’s a winner!
Love, Ali
PS. Why not add an extra portion or two for yourself and have a dip handy so you have some easy, healthy go-to snacks when your energy is fading.
Image: Jonathan Pielmayer/

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