Toast Toppers: 15 Ways To Spice Up Your Slice

From sleek, perfectly styled Instagram posts, to cafes dedicated to dressing it in adventurous and delicious combinations, this once simple snack has had a serious makeover and is aspiring to new culinary heights!

I escape to a little cafe called The Ragland in Redfern, about 10 minutes away from my office, for lunch when I need some quiet time (which is most days!). As I walk in, the owner smiles and says the magic words, “Your usual?” I smile back, sigh happily and with a resounding “yes please” collapse into the chair at my favorite corner table and crack out a good book.

So, what’s “the usual?” The answer; spicy smashed eggs and avocado toast. Heaven, especially when accompanied by a pot of steaming a soy chai. I am in danger of eating this every day of the week!

No longer relegated to early mornings, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite topping combinations that will hit the spot no matter what the time of day. Breakfast for dinner? Why not!

Avocado, hard boiled eggs & green pesto with chilli

Cream cheese, grated carrot & sultanas

Goat’s cheese, fig & crushed walnuts

Fruit toast with ricotta & jam

Baked beans, cottage cheese & chilli flakes

Brie, sliced turkey & cranberry sauce

Almond butter, blueberries and cinnamon

Hummus, avocado & a squeeze of lemon

Salmon, cream cheese & capers

Avocado, goats cheese & strawberries

Any nut butter (peanut, almond etc), banana & chia seeds (we love this recipe for a delicious vegan Nutella substitute too)

Cheddar or vegan cheese with thinly sliced apple & crushed walnuts

Bacon, scrambled eggs, wilted spinach & chilli flakes

Cream cheese, raspberries & a squeeze of lemon juice

Roast pumpkin, spinach, beetroot & pomegranate

Many of these work well in sandwich form too of course, if you’re looking to change up the lunchbox routine!

Love, Jem x






1 comment on “Toast Toppers: 15 Ways To Spice Up Your Slice

  1. Maggi Waud

    Love them all…who could fail to find a favourite…thanks xXx


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