Our Top Picks From Around The Web

I’m collecting links on the interwebs like Adele collects Grammys, so thought I’d share some of my best finds this week!

We’ve got a ballet competition this Saturday, which means applying eyeliner and cross-braiding hair for the small human before sunrise…especially challenging as I have limited braiding skills and have rarely ever successfully applied eyeliner to myself, let alone anyone else! Hello YouTube tutorials!


This Ted Radio Hour podcast features interviews with Seth Godin and Sheryl Sandberg, among others, and had me at the title, ‘Disruptive Leadership’.

It’s whale watching season here in New South Wales, if you’re on the lookout this app might come in handy.

And the award for Best Use of an Ikea Bag goes too…

Obsessed with other people’s routines? Me too! This website is made for us. I especially enjoyed their interview with Yassmin Abdel-Magied  I had the good fortune of meeting Yassmin at an awards event, she’s an inspiration!

I’m going to order this amazing giant colouring poster for our house…and it’s not just for the kids, the grown ups can’t wait to crack out the colouring pens too!

If you love beautiful food feeds check this Instagrammer out

Curious to peek behind the doors of celebrity homes, from the Kardashians to Sarah Jessica Parker with Gisele Bundchen and Lauren Conrad in between, you can take a whistle-stop-tour of 150 celeb pads here

I recently read Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer  and her free downloadable Lunar Planner helps you keep track of the lunar cycle, to which she has built a practical framework for setting intentions, acting on them and reflecting on the results.

Gorman are having a 40% off flash sale…you’re welcome!

Happy Weekend!

Love, Jemx

Image by Thomas Kelley

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