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Could A System Focussed On Profit Over People Be Making Us Sick?

When I said I would write something for The Wholesome Feed, I wasn’t sure I really would. Now I am writing!! What do I want to say?

A lot.

Government policies, big pharmaceutical companies and the popularity of processed food have led us down a difficult and compromised path. We now have a lot of diseased and weakened humans – taxing themselves, their families and the health system.

First, some perspective: If it weren’t for the last 100 years of medicine, would any of us be here at all?

Probably not.

My great grandmother had eight pregnancies; six live births, of which two died very early – one from whooping cough, the other from diphtheria.

Four survived up until their twenties. After World War II, three were left. They lived ’til their 70s and in my grandmother’s case, her 90s.

My grandmother also had eight pregnancies. This time they all made it through, and had kids of their own, like me.


Why are we so tired?

Why are we getting rashes?

Why do our joints ache?

Why do we feel depressed?

Why do people we know get cancer?

Why do people we know drop dead from a heart attack?

Is it really just bad luck?

Or, could it be that five hours sleep is not enough? Could it be that the low-level stress we are feeling most of the day means we are slowly harming ourselves? Could it be that what we love eating is doing it to us?

Remember this?


This is what I saw in the ‘80s as a primary school kid.

I was so happy.

I loved white bread and cartons of cereal. I could tell my mum and dad to stop serving me eggs (fresh from the farm) for breakfast, and chops (fresh from the paddock) with fresh vegetables for dinner – and we started eating packaged food and cheap white bread.

Because it was easier.

We also drank a lot of commercial milk. But it turned out these foods didn’t suit us. We started having ear infections and with them, antibiotics. My brother and I eventually needed “grommets”.

In the meantime, by a brilliant stroke of luck, a perceptive, Indian locum doctor visited my small town. He saw us four children sick with infection and inflammation and told my mum, ‘Get them off dairy, no milk from the shops, no butter, only goat’s milk, until they heal.’

So my amazing mum went and found a man a few farms away who had a goat. We got a bucket of milk a week. It was RAW – unpasteurised, unhomogenised. We drank a ‘goat’s milk egg flip’ each day after school – the egg was raw too! What was there to worry about?!

And we did this for a good while, as I recall.


1 cup goats milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg raw*

1 tsp sugar

Mix well in blender

Add grated nutmeg if you desire!

I will never forget that goat’s milk smell, but it was masked by the sugar and vanilla. And lo and behold, we recovered, and thrived again. Then we went back to eggs for breakfast. Who would’ve thought!

The locum doctor knew something was up.

Decades later I discovered that the food I was eating and beverages I was drinking contributed to me feeling less than awesome. Now I avoid dairy and grains and feel much better for it.

Going down this path was not an obvious thing though, and required a large leap of faith. And I can understand why people are so dismissive of the idea that a simple diet change could produce such startling health gains like: better sleep, reduced joint pain, mental clarity, reduced bloating and general gut discomfort, increased energy etc etc.

Society-wide, it appears we have been conned by a system motivated by profit rather than population health, and unfortunately the misinformation continues.

The good news is that it’s easy to make small gains by looking a little deeper into what we are eating. Whilst challenging, with a little guidance, a month or so spent eliminating certain foods can help us identify problem areas that can quite simply change our lives for the better, and forever.

As can a good ‘goat’s milk egg flip’ as it turns out!


Becca is a mum to two sons, part-time radiographer, sometimes musician, full time concerned about our future health

*See guide to handling raw eggs safely here

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