TWF Lunchbox Instagram Challenge – Meat Free Monday

Day one of the challenge and I have to admit, I left this until the very last minute – which is not that unusual for me. So the mini frittata was a life saver!


1 egg, 1 dsp cheese, 1 tbsp veg (we had broccoli and carrots left over and I threw in a few peas, any combo you have will work), splash of milk.

I used a muffin case just to keep it tidy in the lunchbox and to give it a bit of a ‘treat’ factor, but you can easily just lightly grease a muffin tin and let the little guy roam free.

Pop it in the oven at 180C for 10-12 minutes – works best to keep an eye out for when it’s firm and golden.

Makes 1 mini frittata*

*Multiply the quantities to make a few, add a little salad on the side and you have the grown up lunchboxes sorted too!

A few other ideas for Meat Free Monday lunches:

Sandwich fillings:

Cream cheese & grated carrot

Roast veg and pesto

Rainbow vegetable wrap

Cheddar & pickled veg (see Ali’s super easy pickling recipe here)

Hummus with beetroot & grated carrot

Grilled halloumi & apple

Tofu with grated carrot & zucchini

Tuna mayo with fine cucumber slices

Sandwich free alternatives

Pastry pockets (shortcrust pastry triangles filled with cheese and cooked veg)

Nori rolls

Rice paper rolls

Vegetarian pizza bites

Quesadilla triangles and dip

Rice/barley/couscous/pasta – with roast veg and feta/tofu

Fritters and dip – zucchini & sweetcorn/ cheese, corn & capsicum/ leftovers work well!

Chickpea pancakes with savoury dips – see recipe here

Roasted sweet potato wedges with yogurt dip

What are your favorite meat-free lunchbox fillers? Let us know in the comments or share them with the TWF community on Instagram by including #twfmeatfreemondays on your post!

Look out for Tasty Treat Tuesday tomorrow over on our Instagram feed #twftastytreattuesday


Jem x

3 comments on “TWF Lunchbox Instagram Challenge – Meat Free Monday

  1. Robyn Fay-Perkins

    Love this!! I and need as much inspiration as I can get for a fussy eater. I’m definitely trying out the chickpea pancakes ASAP!


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