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TWF Lunchbox Instagram Challenge: Thermos Thursday

We’ve written before on our love of the thermos. It is truly the sandwich-hater’s superhero. Head over to our post Sayonara Sandwiches to get some new ideas.

For today’s challenge, the inspiration came from my kids’ love of our local Sushi Train and my friend who admitted she keeps 2 minute noodles in the cupboard as a back up lunch option (so clever! and clearly a mother of 3 too).

So I came up with a very simple idea of miso ramen soup in the thermos. Very quick and easy to prepare and most of the ingredients are the sort of thing that could be on stand by in the cupboard or freezer. It has carbs for filling them up, protein, veg and a bit of fun factor too so it really ticks all the boxes.

The thermos could be prepared the night before, or in the morning as it is so quick. If you’ve prepared it the night before, simply add near boiling water before you pack the kids off to school.

I tested a few supermarket shelf stable noodle options to see how they stand up to 5 hours in the thermos. The best we found were the Obento ramen noodles – found in with the asian noodle section of the shelves (not the fridge). These guys can just wait patiently in your pantry til you need them, along with sachets of miso paste. We buy frozen shelled edamame beans from our grocer which the kids love, but you could just as easily use frozen peas or broadbeans.

Add noodles up to about half the thermos. On top of the noodles add some sliced baby corn, frozen edamame, chopped firm tofu and a serve of your favourite miso paste. Simply add near boiling water, pop on the lid and pack with chopsticks, spoon, fork or whatever implement you think your kid will find easiest.

Today I also added half a ramen egg, because we had some in the fridge.

Tag your thermos pics with #TWFThermosThursday and share your great ideas with us.

Ali x



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