DIY Personalised Christmas Tokens

I wanted to give my colleagues at work something a little different to the standard card this year. It’s been a tough one for us all and they’re so inspiring and talented I always refer to them as stars. So I’m giving them a little jar of Christmas wishes with personalised tags.


All you need can generally be found in the craft section of your local discount store

Selection of small jars

Bags of gold stars

Silver thread (any will do, but silver felt festive. Thin twine would be pretty too)

Labels (you can make your own with some card and a hole punch if you have the time)


Pop on some festive tunes

Simply fill 1/2 of the jar with stars – anything more looks a bit crammed and spoils the effect

Pop on the lid

Write your message on the label – I’d recommend a super fine pen and keeping it brief unless you are an expert at fairy notes!

Tie with thread or string

Voila! A thoughtful message delivered with a little extra sparkle!

Happy holidays!


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