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Super Simple Chocolate Chia Cookies

I am constantly on the lookout for gluten free, vegan cookie recipes and this one from Deliciously Ella is a one pot (well one food processor bowl) wonder.

A few useful notes:

I used half the quantities as it was a new recipe and to be honest that yielded a good 10 small cookies. I also like to make smaller portions for lunchboxes, so that could stretch even further – definitely check your school’s policy on nuts as these are packed with them!

I will warn you, they are not very sweet. Ella recommends adding a bit more maple syrup if you prefer sweeter treats and I will certainly do that with the next batch to get them past the small human.

I used a square of baking paper between the spatula and the dough to prevent sticking.

These would also be great with a small scoop of ice cream for dessert or with a dollop of nut butter, without the additional sugar rush of conventional cookies.

For the full recipe and other delicious, healthy treats click here



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