– good for you, and likely to improve your life either physically, morally or emotionally

On my way to work one morning I texted Ali pitching an idea I had for a website. It was a personal leap as she is someone whose opinion I respect greatly. She’s a mother of three, a successful chef and not one to suffer fools. I expected her to be polite, to say it sounded like a ‘nice project’ and to wish me luck. Instead, it turned out she had similar thoughts simmering on the back-burner (pun not intended, but I like it!) so she sent a reply that rocked both our worlds, “Sounds great. I’m in. When do we start?!”

Our initial focus was solely on family nutrition and was born of the frustrations of trying to crack the Enigma level code of how to make a successful (read: healthy and actually eaten) kid’s lunchbox and finding limited inspiring resources. But, as we began working on the site, it became clear that nutrition is a crucial part of a much broader puzzle that includes health, wellbeing, community, family, home, lifestyle, education, careers, the list is endless. We’re so excited to work with you on figuring out how we can all best craft these various pieces to create our own unique pictures of what we each believe is an enriched and wholesome life for each us.

Our aim is to create a space where we can share ideas and learnings, hits and misses, collaborate with amazing people and hopefully build a community of like-minded souls, as we all try to navigate life’s challenges. It won’t always be pretty (we’ll save that for Pinterest), but real life rarely is. Everyone makes ‘mistakes’ and we will certainly be sharing ours. But it is how they are handled and learnt from that defines us. We don’t believe in perfect results, we believe in the value of the process and the continuous opportunity to learn and grow as we go.

We would love to hear from you! What are you struggling with? What are your daily routines? What have you found works well for you? What are you curious about? What do you think is the key to a wholesome life? Do you have a story you’d like to share or questions you’d like to ask? What do you pack in the kid’s or indeed your own lunchboxes?

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The majority of us struggle to balance any combination of; relationships, careers, parenthood, health, wellness, community, you name it we’ll help you spin it with the rest of those pretty plates. We are all inevitably travelling along different roads, and your personal journey is important to us. We may even have similar destinations in mind? It promises to be an epic ride and there’s a space right here, if you’d like to join us?

Love, Jem & Ali